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Wouldn’t storing your two-step verification codes in the same place as your passwords be the stupidest thing imaginable?

What data does that barcode contain? And what can you do with it? Everything, it turns out…

Some podcast hosts give podcasters a sub-domain for their RSS feed. Here’s why that’s a bad thing.

The pandemic has given us many things: including a new way to promote your podcast

I think I may have finally found something even better than my trusty Kobo

And Bingo was its name-oh

How good can a smart watch that costs US$29 really be? Not that bad, it turns out.

A thing that Clubhouse might have an effect on that isn’t a podcast

Is Clubhouse going to kill podcasts? Nope.

It won’t kill talk radio

Accra, Ghana: the next generation of podcast listeners

High quality MP3 audio is great: but it is pricing out a whole generation of potential listeners. Can we do better?

Mobile data costs a typical South African the equivalent of US $23.50 per GB of data.

James Cridland

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