The problem with the Australian News Bargaining Code

The plan to charge Google and Facebook for linking to news stories seems driven by jealousy, a failing business model, and rampant self-interest

What is Google actually doing?

Listening to a piece on the radio today, I was told in the introduction that “Google profits from using news stories”. This assertion went unchallenged; so it’s probably helpful to understand what Google actually does.

Google News is a thing, but not sure where the money is

The media coverage for this is lacking

The radio story I heard this morning was on a station owned by Nine Entertainment, who also own the Brisbane Times. (I’m told their coverage was more balanced later in the piece, thanks to a knowledgeable caller and some prying questions from the announcer).

Is this in the public interest?

Murdoch’s influence is a concern to Australians. After 500,000 signatures, a Royal Commission has been set up to look into the effect his company has on Australian life. Yet, this law seeks to benefit, above everyone else, Murdoch’s business even further.

Feedback: “Hatred”

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